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The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is a network of permaculture practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture.

5th Annual


September 10-13, 2015

At Heartsong in Tumtum, WA

On the Spokane River/Long Lake just north of Spokane.

 The 2nd year in a row that INPC will be held at Heartsong.

2015 INPC Venue

Sponsored by the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild 
Sustainable Obtainable Solutions


Field trips on Thursday and Friday morning.


Saturday Evening


Farm Dinner. Local Food. Live Music!



What are all the tricks we can think of to maintain production while conserving resources in drought years? Water harvesting, water conservation, wicking beds, deep rooted perennials, swales, broad-based terraces, mulch, sunken hugelkulturs, drought tolerant crops, and more will be discussed. Let’s share our tips and techniques. 


This year’s goals include:

Education galore, presentations, round-table discussions, plant walks;

A regional reunion of people in the permaculture movement;

Building alliances with a wider diversity of people and groups;

Building the movement;

Local to international scale;

Permaculture techniques for drought years;

Good food, good company, stimulating conversations, useful connections, great workshops;

Swimming in Red Lake (adjacent to Heartsong);

Have a fun time!


Field trips on Thursday and Friday morning.  (to be confirmed)

Visit interesting properties on your way to the main convergence site. 

Spokane: Phil small’s yard on the South Hill. Ed Bryant’s yard. Janice’s Urban Farm, Whitworth College’s terraced gardens, Thom and Torie Foote’s homestead;

Stevens County (north of Spokane): Estella Farm, Deer Park; Joe Petrucelli’s cooperative garden and Gabe Gaul's permaculture garden; Glora and Marc Flora’s Terra Flora Gardens.

Lincoln County (west of Spokane): Tolstoy Farm, the longest-lived, non-religious intentional community in the U.S., home of the very well-known Tolstoy Farms organic market garden;

Sandpoint Idaho, Biodynamic farm.


Admission is by donation. You select what feels right to you.  $70 is the suggested donation for the whole event and $30 for single days. You can pay ahead of time via paypal on the website (coming soon), or pledge with your registration and pay at the door. Please, please pre-register even if you don’t pay now.


The initial organizing crew includes Kelsey Crane, Gabe Gaul, Ryan Herring, Grant Modderman, Chrys Ostrander, Michael Pilarski, and Phil Small.  Who else wants to take on some coordination role or organizer role?  Fill out the coordinator form on the website (coming soon).


If you are interested in participating in any way, please email Michael Pilarski at friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com

INPG has an illustrious History...

The Permaculture Design Course May 23 to June 7 2015 near Spokane, WA was a success.

See Some Photos Taken During the Course
on Simple Unhooked Living's Facebook Page.

...and on the INPG Facebook Page.

Here's what was covered: Schedule


Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild 2015 Permaculture Design Course with a special emphasis on Earth Restoration. A two-week, residential intensive course in Tumtum, WA. May 23 to June 7.

More historical information on the 2015 PDC is HERE.

The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild's
2014 Convergence:
"Back to the Roots"

at the Beautiful Heartsong Retreat Center
was a resounding success!

More than 150 dedicated permaculturists attended 40-plus workshops, shared beautifully prepared meals, sang around the fire and went home enriched by the amazing skill-sharing and comraderie. We strengthened our network; we proved we could pull off a largely do-it-yourself, donation-based convergence; we established a lasting tie with Heartsong. We are gratified that we were able to gather so many participants from our small Inland Northwest region (our total number of attendees equaled 38% of the total number who attended the national convergence just two weeks prior).

We could not have enjoyed such a success without the many contributions of the folks who came-- whether in the form of cash donations, donated food, volunteer labor or positive vibes. The organizers helped create the space but it was the people who came to the convergence who created the experience. A very big Thank You to each of you.

Four days of Fun, Interconnection and Love of the Earth!
Thursday through Sunday, Sept. 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2014.

Read all about it >>>


Download a version of our Heartsong Convergence Poster to print and put up in your neighborhood!



Thanks to everyone who came to the 2013 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. See you at Heartsong!

NEW! Videos from Michael Pilarski's 2013 Missoula Permaculture Design Course

The 2nd Annual Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference (INPC2) in Missoula, Montana, has come and gone. It's hard to believe. It was a great success with nearly 50 presenters, oodles of workshops, field trips, panel discussions, shared meals, a conta dance and friendships renewed and initiated.

Many thanks to our conference organizing team for the countless hours put in, and to our conference sponsors, our work trade crew, our slate of presenters, our trade show tablers, the University of Montana, the University Center Kitchen Crew, the Celtic Knots string band and anyone else who helped make it all happen.

You can see the presenters and their workshops, plus other information from both the 2011 and the 2012 conferences under the "Past Conferences" tab in the menu bar.

There are also some conference photos in the galleries. You can add you own photos of the conference, photos of your Permaculture projects and the like. Click "Share Photos" under the Galleries tab.

The 2011 Spokane Permaculture Conference:
The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild Kicks it Off
Right with a Gem of a Gathering at Spokane Falls Community College.

See more pictures HERE

The 2011 INPG Conference at-a-glance


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