Zachary Weiss, Perpetual Green Gardens, Holzer Agroecology, Bozeman, Montana

Zachary Weiss is the founder and driving force behind Perpetual Green Gardens.  This business designs and builds sustainable passive solar/geothermal greenhouses as well as providing permaculture design and installation.  Having the benefit of growing up with unlimited access to the forest, nature has always been first priority.  After studying ecology at Montana State University and an ecosystem greenhouse at the Ott-Kimm conservatory, Perpetual Green Gardens was created as a way to share and spread this knowledge with the greater community.   By partnering with nature wonderful things can be achieved.  The Ott-Kimm Conservatory is a beautiful example of what 30 years of this partnership can accomplish.

Being exposed to the beauty that the human-nature partnership creates lit an undying fire to share this connection with as many people as possible.

Zachary Weiss
Perpetual Green Gardens
PO Box 1182 Bozeman, Mt
406.219.1445     802.688.6536